Mazzer T Tamper Black

Mazzer T Tamper Black

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Mazzer  T-Tamper

T-Tamper was designed to achieve consistent extractions, increase coffee quality in the cup, and preserve barista safety. The machine distributes, levels, and tamps the ground coffee automatically, optimising both workflow and outcomes.



T-Tamper has been designed to ensure maximum precision when calibrating the weight dispersed on the coffee puck by the revolving tamper. Because of the machine's highly robust structure and high-quality materials, it does not bend during the work cycle; as a result, the ground coffee is pressed evenly and parallel to the surface, resulting in optimal extractions.

The compact shape that expands upwards rather than outwards - only 14 cm wide - makes this a modular piece for which a space on the workbench is easily available.
The T-Tamper is simple to clean and will keep all of the coffee in the portafilter even when working with big amounts of coffee.

Tamping pressure (0.5 kg, 1.1 lbs) measured precisely using a load cell with feedback control
While tamped, an automatic rotating device distributes and levels the ground coffee in the cup. The tamper is kept clean by rotating it.
Adjustable portafilter holder for perfect parallelism between ground coffee and tamping surface.

The automated coffee distribution and tamping procedure delivers great outcomes without barista intervention, thereby aiding in the prevention of occupational disorders associated with repetitive usage of the wrists, hands, and elbows.
To fully protect baristas' hands during the work cycle, the machine has been developed with inductive cup-detecting sensors and mechanical locking systems.

A strong and sturdy stainless steel structure (weight: 12.5 kg), complete with a blade switch and non-flexing tamping head.
Cup holder that can be adjusted to accommodate any type of filter holder, including bare
The electronic control system has an ergonomic design with an optimal viewing angle.
Over 1.2 million cycles have been tested.
Tamping pressure adjustment range is extensive (10-35 kg)
The ability to programme two quick-change tamping pressures.
There are two operating modes to choose from: rapid (single tamp) or accurate (double tamp)
To optimise work times, you can choose the height at which to start the tamper.
Diagnostics (stroke counter, faults, error codes) (stroke counter, defects, error codes)
Removable cup holder for easy cleaning



Version: Two tamping profiles: quick and accurate
100 watts of power
A = 140mm, C = 275mm, and H = 360mm Weight: 12,5kg
Compatibility: with all naked coppe included
There are two tamping pressure profiles: quick and precise
Force adjustment: from 10kg to 35kg with 1kg steps in quick mode and 0.5kg steps in precision mode.
Induttivo, meccanico, and magnetico safety systems


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