Acaia ORBIT Grinder
Acaia ORBIT Grinder
Acaia ORBIT Grinder
Acaia ORBIT Grinder
Acaia ORBIT Grinder
Acaia ORBIT Grinder
Acaia ORBIT Grinder
Acaia ORBIT Grinder
Acaia ORBIT Grinder
Acaia ORBIT Grinder
Acaia ORBIT Grinder
Acaia ORBIT Grinder
Acaia ORBIT Grinder

Acaia ORBIT Grinder

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Burr Type:
Mazzer Burr 33M
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The Orbit, our first coffee grinder, is equipped with unique features to satisfy your coffee brewing requirements. The grinder is single-dose friendly, with features such as an automatic cleansing purge that reduces grinding retention. If you prefer to use an Acaia Lunar, you can also activate the Orbit's grind-by-weight feature and enjoy uncomplicated dosing. Built with Acaia's proprietary technology, from the motor driver to the companion app, it offers sophisticated RPM control and overall energy savings.

Eclipse Edition

Eclipse Edition Orbit grinders will be available for early adopters and intrepid explorers who appreciate exploring uncharted territory and getting a little dirty. As a token of appreciation for assisting us launch our first grinder, we are including the following gifts at no additional cost:

18-month extended product support
Personalised Orbit Eclipse Edition cap
53 mm Acaia dispensing cup Antistatic brush Custom Orbit Eclipse Edition enamel pin
Weigh to Brew Journal
Numbered licence plate



AOT001 / AOT003

Product Weight

5600 g ± 10 g

Product Dimensions

W: 108 mm L: 266 mm H: 394 mm

Rated Voltage

100 V-240 V


50/60 Hz


200 W Brushless DC Motor


Aluminum, PC, Stainless Steel

Warnings CA Prop 65 Warning
Operating Ambient Temperature

0 - 40 °C

RPM Profile

600-1500 Adjustable RPM Profile

Duty Cycle

Recommended duty cycle for Orbit
is 60 s running time with a rest time of 30 s


Bluetooth 5.0


1 Year

Inside the

Acaia Orbit Coffee Grinder - Eclipse x 1

Power Cable x 1

Spout Extender x 1

58 mm Portafilter Dosing Cup (M) with Magnetic Pad x 1

Lunar Magnetic Strip x 2

Lunar Magnetic Strips Application Tool x 1

The Orbit was designed in partnership with Weber Workshops and based on the successful design of the EG-1 grinder. We appreciate Weber’s guidance and advice during this process. Acaia is solely responsible for developing the grinder technology, manufacturing, selling, and managing after-sales product support.



Orbit is prepared to fulfil all of your coffee preparation requirements. It has 64mm flat steel burrs, stepless grind adjustment, and a single-dose workflow that incorporates a knocking chute and automatic purge to minimise coffee retention.

The companion application provides customization options for the three grinding configurations, such as RPM adjustment and profile creation. When paired with a Lunar espresso scale, the Orbit's grind-by-weight feature enables you to grind precisely the right quantity of beans every time without weighing them beforehand.


Acaia ORBIT Grinder


Weigh your whole beans and grind them with the least amount of retention. Pull off a flawless strike without wastage.


Connect your Lunar weighing scale to the orbit. Always grind precisely the correct amount.


The Orbit's Mazzer 33M 64mm burrs make it ideal for both espresso and filter brewing. In the foreseeable future, SSP Multipurpose burrs will be available as an option.


The 0.75 mm thread pitch of the Orbit permits for precise adjustment of your shot, from light roast to dark roast coffee.


Adjust the grind speed between 600 and 1,500 RPM, switch the Orbit button actions, save profiles for grind by weight or grind by time, and more using the Orbit companion app.


Environmental consciousness is a social obligation, according to Acaia. The Orbit is designed to reduce energy consumption while delivering industrial high performance and intelligent grinding. It was created using proprietary technology developed in-house over many years.



During the quality control procedure, every Orbit part is measured individually. This is to ensure that they meet our exacting specifications and allow for optimal burr alignment. For instance, our grinders must meet or exceed the following requirements:

Burr mounting surfaces with a flatness of 10 microns
Motor drive shaft concentricity is 20 microns
Other essential components with 20 micron tolerances


After assembly, our team tests every grinder for functionality, alignment, and quality of grind. Using optical imaging software, we measure the distance between the burr lock point and the burr contact point in order to evaluate the uniformity of ground coffee during testing. Acceptable distances for Mazzer 33M burrs are 1.5 marks and for SSP Multipurpose burrs, 1 mark.


Do not submerge the Orbit or its components in liquid. Use only a soft cloth and warm water to sanitise the item.
Do not use detergent or other chemicals to clean the product, as they may cause injury.

Watch the video to see how the Orbit works.


How Long Is The Warranty On A Coffee Machine?

All of our products include 3-12 Months Warranty for parts, non consumable.

New Products:12-24 Months

Used Products:3 Months

What Is The Shipping Policy?

Same Day dispatch for orders placed before 12PM

We Guarantee Well Secured Fast Shipping Provided With Tracking Number.

Our Shipping Partner Is DHL.

Do We Provide After Sales Support?

We have skilled technician to provide After Sales Support to our customers

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