Nucleus Link Coffee Roaster
Nucleus Link Coffee Roaster
Nucleus Link Coffee Roaster
Nucleus Link Coffee Roaster
Nucleus Link Coffee Roaster
Nucleus Link Coffee Roaster
Nucleus Link Coffee Roaster
Nucleus Link Coffee Roaster

Nucleus Link Coffee Roaster

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The ultimate portable coffee roaster. Nucleus designed the Link to bring efficiency and precision into your workflow whether you are a green coffee buyer or a small batch roaster. The Nucleus Link allows you to fine-tune every aspect of your roast to match your exact specifications regardless of your location or process, thanks to its real-time data monitoring and roast control.

This portable roaster is ideal for roasting samples on the spot, allowing green coffee buyers to evaluate their acquisitions at their origin.

Precision roasting

The Nucleus Link guarantees a perfect roast no matter the conditions. You can take it to the farm and have it perform as splendidly as your trusty old roaster back in the roastery. The Link gives you full control of the roasting process with its Altitude Calibration, extensive roasting profile system developed by Sam Corra, customisable roasting profile, Density Roast Prediction, DTR override, and variable batch size.

Improved heating technology

Nucleus’ new innovative heating system heats the coffee beans from the inside out, allowing for a higher rate of heat and desired momentum in the roast profile. This way, you can start from ambient temperature to reduce unpleasant "gassy" qualities and bring out the freshest flavours of your beans.

A Portable Roaster 

The robust construction of the Nucleus Link makes it hardy enough for travel. Plus it comes with a shock-proof and waterproof case that makes sure your portable roaster arrives at your destination in perfect condition. The kit also includes a dosing cup, density tube, and coffee tray provided so you can get right to work.

Nucleus Link Coffee Roaster Features

Altitude calibration - Adjustable fan speed for consistent profiling at any altitude. Emulate roasting at sea level with the calibration mode in the LINK app.

Complete profile system - Developed by renowned expert Sam Corra. Access 205 globally performing profiles for filter and cupping, categorised into 5 inboxes with 41 core profiles each that vary in development percentage and roast curve.

Personalised roasting profile - A 6th inbox is included in the system for your custom roast profiles. All are accessible through the LINK app.

Density roast prediction - By analysing your green coffee's data points, the Link can recommend the most suitable profile for your sample.

Advanced dial-in - After the initial roast, you can refine your process by customising the profile selection through the LINK app.

DTR override system (Development Percentage, Time of Roast, and Roast Degree) - Adjust termination at the exact development percentage and temperature increase range to take complete control over your roast's outcome.

Variable Batch size - Customize your batch size from 50g to 100g in 1g increments.

Improved heating technology - Nucleus’ innovative heating system heats coffee from the inside out for a higher rate of heat that lets you achieve your desired momentum in the roast profile.

Travel-ready - The Nucelus Link comes with a shock-absorbent and waterproof travel case, dosing cup, density tube, and coffee tray.

Custom app - Connect our Nucleus portable roaster to the LINK app to keep track of your roasting history, profiles, and performance analysis.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Nucleus Link Coffee Roaster
  • 1 x Travel case
  • 1 x Dosing cup
  • 1 x Density tube
  • 1 x Coffee tray



Powder-coated steel, Nylon PA66, aluminium

Batch Capacity

90 -120g green beans | 100g once roasted.

Power Supply

220-240V AC - CE Certification. 


Brushless DC 60W

Roast Time (typically)

10 minutes


(W) 125 mm (D) 125 mm (H) 280 mm of base unit; 

Height with chaff collector 430mm. 






1400W / 220-240V



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All of our products include 3-12 Months Warranty for parts, non consumable.

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