Coffee Tech DF64 Single Dose Gen 2 Grinder
Coffee Tech DF64 Single Dose Gen 2 Grinder
Coffee Tech DF64 Single Dose Gen 2 Grinder
Coffee Tech DF64 Single Dose Gen 2 Grinder
Coffee Tech DF64 Single Dose Gen 2 Grinder
Coffee Tech DF64 Single Dose Gen 2 Grinder

Coffee Tech DF64 Single Dose Gen 2 Grinder

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At its highest setting, this single-dose, flat burr grinder from Coffee Tech produces an even grind and eliminates microfines, allowing you to extract more from your coffee beans. With its design intended for professionals and coffee devotees, the DF64 appears to be an obvious choice for individuals who are refining their brewing abilities and eager to gain a deeper understanding of their preferred coffee.

With its coated 64mm burrs, the Coffee Tech DF64 is a compact yet sturdy device constructed to last. The Coffee Tech grinder operates quickly and quietly, in contrast to other flat burr grinders that are notoriously loud, due to its robust 1400rpm motor.

In contrast to conical burr grinders, which invariably generate microfine particles when operated at espresso settings, a flat burr grinder such as the Coffee Tech DF64 ensures a consistent and even grind. This characteristic enables a more comprehensive examination of one's preferred coffee beans.

A silicone piston system expels all coffee grounds, contributing to the design of this single-dose grinder that minimises retention. Adjustment without steps This Coffee Tech grinder is up to the task of successfully grinding both cold brew and espresso. Its stepless adjustment mechanism enables you to tailor the grain to the specific coffee beans and brewing method you intend to employ.

Proposed: Coffee Tech DF64 Gen-2 Grinder
Superior, Gen 2-specific custom burrs are meticulously crafted. These burrs exhibit remarkable quality and performance, bearing resemblance to the highly regarded SSP High Uniformity burrs. DLC-coated for an enhanced aesthetic appeal and an extended service life.

Eliminate static interference from your life. By minimising static and clumping, the cutting-edge plasma generator concealed in the dispensing chute guarantees a consistent and clean grind. Although inconsequential, it ensures a spotless and uncontaminated countertop by packing a powerful wallop.

Reengineered Burr Carrier

A comprehensive overhaul has been performed on the upper burr carrier. By preventing errant grinds and beans from escaping, a solid metal plate guarantees a cleaner machine. Efficient access to the burr chamber has been simplified, eliminating the need for laborious maintenance procedures.

Adjustment of the Friction Wave Spring

There are no longer any grommets or minuscule springs to contend with. For the adjustment of the grinder, the Gen 2 features an innovative friction wave spring. By ensuring that no components are misaligned and removing the possibility of part loss during the cleaning process, this 360-degree marvel streamlines the operation.

Adopt a brand-new all-metal construction that is offered in elegant black or white finishes. The detachable dosing collar is complemented by the aluminium dosing cup, which has been redesigned.

Coffee Tech DF64 Single-Dose Grinder Features

Flat burrs - The consistent grind produced by flat burr grinders is particularly useful when experimenting with novel espresso preparation methods.

Minimal retention - By minimising coffee retention within the internal components of the grinder, character profiles are preserved and consistent brewing excellence is ensured.

Direct-to-portafilter - The direct-to-portafilter method optimises the efficiency of the coffee-making process by eliminating superfluous stages and transferring the dosage directly into the portafilter.

Customisable Grinding - The DF64 allows users to fine-tune grind sizes to suit a wide range of coffee beans and brewing methods through the implementation of a stepless adjustment system and provisions for burr enhancements.

Versatile Brewing Capabilities - Capabilities for Versatile Brewing: Obtain consistent grinds when employing a variety of brewing methods, including cold brew and espresso, and benefit from features that facilitate customisation to suit individual preferences.

Durable Design - The DF64 Gen 2 is constructed entirely of metal, which ensures its longevity and dependability, delivering consistent performance throughout years of routine usage.

This product includes:

  • 1x Coffee Tech DF64 Single Dose Grinder Gen 2
  • 1x Bellows Hopper
  • 1x Catch Cup
  • 1x Catch Cup Collar - 

The Specifications

Gen 2
All metal, silicone bellows
64mm DLC flat burrs
Hopper capacity
(L) 25.4cm x (W) 13.2cm x (H) 30.5cm


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