Brand New Ecm Technika Rotary Coffee Machine & Mahlkonig X54 Grinder Package
Brand New Ecm Technika Rotary Coffee Machine & Mahlkonig X54 Grinder Package
Brand New Ecm Technika Rotary Coffee Machine & Mahlkonig X54 Grinder Package
Brand New Ecm Technika Rotary Coffee Machine & Mahlkonig X54 Grinder Package
Brand New Ecm Technika Rotary Coffee Machine & Mahlkonig X54 Grinder Package

Brand New Ecm Technika Rotary Coffee Machine & Mahlkonig X54 Grinder Package

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Discover the ultimate coffee experience with the ECM Technika Rotary Coffee Machine and Mahlkönig X54 Grinder Package. This perfect combination of precision engineering and elegant design brings professional barista-quality coffee to your home or small business. Elevate your coffee game with unparalleled consistency, flavor, and performance.

ECM Technika Rotary Coffee Machine:

The ECM Technika is a masterpiece of German engineering, crafted to deliver exceptional espresso with every shot. Its features include:

  • Stainless Steel Construction: The ECM Technika boasts a sleek, polished stainless steel body that not only looks stunning but also ensures durability and longevity.
  • Heat Exchanger System: Equipped with a powerful heat exchanger, the Technika allows you to steam milk and brew espresso simultaneously, maintaining consistent temperature and optimal flavor extraction.
  • Rotary Pump: The rotary pump provides quiet operation and consistent pressure, essential for achieving perfect espresso every time.
  • PID Temperature Control: The built-in PID controller ensures precise temperature stability, enabling you to fine-tune the brewing temperature to match your coffee beans.
  • E61 Brew Group: Renowned for its temperature stability and reliability, the E61 group head ensures uniform water distribution and exceptional espresso quality.
  • Large Water Reservoir: The 2.1-liter water tank is perfect for multiple drinks throughout the day without constant refilling. Alternatively, the machine can be directly plumbed into a water line for convenience.
  • Easy Maintenance: The removable drip tray and accessible internal components make cleaning and maintenance straightforward, ensuring your machine stays in top condition.

Mahlkönig X54 Grinder:

Pairing perfectly with the ECM Technika, the Mahlkönig X54 Grinder brings precision and consistency to your coffee preparation. Key features include:

  • Versatile Grinding: The X54 is capable of grinding for a wide range of brewing methods, from espresso to French press, making it a versatile addition to any coffee setup.
  • Stepless Grind Adjustment: The stepless grind adjustment mechanism allows for infinite fineness settings, giving you complete control over your grind size.
  • High-Quality Burrs: Equipped with durable, 54mm flat burrs, the X54 ensures uniform particle size for consistent extraction and superior flavor.
  • Digital Timer: The integrated digital timer allows you to program grind times to the tenth of a second, ensuring precise dosing every time.
  • Low Retention: Designed to minimize coffee retention, the X54 ensures that each grind is fresh, maximizing the flavor potential of your beans.
  • Quiet Operation: The X54 is engineered for quiet performance, making it ideal for home use without disturbing your household.

Package Benefits:

This package is designed to provide a seamless and enjoyable coffee-making experience, whether you’re a home barista or a small business owner. Key benefits include:

  • Synergistic Performance: The ECM Technika and Mahlkönig X54 are engineered to complement each other, ensuring that your espresso machine and grinder work in perfect harmony.
  • Consistency and Quality: With precise control over temperature, pressure, and grind size, you can achieve consistent, high-quality results with every cup.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Both machines feature a modern, stylish design that will enhance the look of any kitchen or coffee bar.
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly interfaces and straightforward maintenance mean you can focus on enjoying your coffee rather than worrying about complex operations or cleaning routines.

The Brand New ECM Technika Rotary Coffee Machine & Mahlkönig X54 Grinder Package is an investment in excellence for coffee enthusiasts who demand the best. With top-of-the-line features, exceptional build quality, and precision performance, this package delivers everything you need to brew café-quality espresso and coffee drinks at home or in a small business setting. Transform your coffee experience today with this unparalleled espresso machine and grinder duo.


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